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I haven't trained for a long time and I am worried I won't be fit enough. Will the sessions be ok for me?

We have many clients with a wide range of fitness levels, every session is designed in a way that it caters for all abilities, the important thing is that you go at your own pace. Its not about who is better, fitter or stronger but it is all to do with improving yourself. Our coaches will push you to achieve but never beyond your capabilities. We are fully inclusive an here to support you on your journey.

I struggle to complete certain exercises due to injury/mobility limitations, will I still be able to come to the session?

You certainly can! If you have any issues just let our coaches know at the start and they will be more than happy to adjust and modify the session so that you can still reap the benefits. We are well aware of how frustrating it can be and are more than happy help with an advice you need.

How can I pay for the sessions?

Just head over to our web shop and you will be able to buy credits to use on our sessions. These can be paid for by bank transfer or by direct debit depending on the service you are purchasing. Our online payments are secure and all payment details are stored securely. Once you have purchased credits you will be able to create an account (if you don't have one already).

How do I book on to sessions?

Once you have purchased credits you can log on to our app or portal and book a session via the schedule. Our availability is constantly updated so you will be able to see the current sessions that can be booked onto.

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